The Monday Issue is a blog about living creatively.

  • Let’s talk about artists, designers and creatives articulating their world through innovative artworks & designs.
  • Let’s share new ideas that keep us up at night.
  • Let’s eat out & travel often.
  • Let’s share some stories along to way.

About Vanessa

Vanessa Low is a museum worker, arts writer and photographer based in Sydney, Australia. She is also a cheese lover and occasional cheese-maker. Read more about Vanessa here and here.

The Monday Issue History:

The Monday Issue was started on a rainy August night in 2009 as a blog of miscellaneous interviews with friends, strangers and creatives. Since then, the Monday Issue has been a site of constant experimentation, having taken on various forms as a food blog, a streetstyle and fashion website, a travel and lifestyle blog, and a medium for reviews, articles and experimental photography.