Recently back from her honeymoon in Cuba, my friend Lucinda made me this delightful local cocktail. I thought that the addition of honey with rum made for a particularly tasty concoction, so I asked if she could share the recipe!

text by Lucinda Burtt

According to legend, this cocktail was created in the East of Cuba during the Ten Years’ War with Spain to give the people strength. Any excuse for a good cocktail, right? It is now a specialty of the colonial town of Trinidad, drunk in a terracotta cup with a swizzle stick to stir in the honey. This is the way they make it, though the local preference is to use aguardiente (translation: firewater), an alternative sugarcane based liquor. Instead, it makes sense to go for a lightly-aged honey coloured rum.
2 parts gold rum
1 part lime juice
1 part chilled water
Generous drizzle of bush honey