‘How to Treat Your Bird’ masterclass at Chophouse

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited to a masterclass at Chophouse. Although, as its name suggests, the four year old restaurant specialises in quality steaks and chops of meat inspired by the steak houses of New York (F1 Wagyu Striploin MB4+ anyone?), its menu also includes some impressive poultry dishes. In a masterclass humorously entitled ‘how to treat your bird,’ Head Chef Eric and his two Sous Chefs Elliot and Matt very generously demonstrated the cooking processes from delivery to dish.An enormous thank you to Eric, Matt, Elliot and Sarah for your generosity and such a fun time!

Delivery time: chickens and quails from Urban Food Market – free range, of course

Head Chef Eric deboning the chicken 

Sous chef Elliot deboning the quail

From the cold room: steaks awaiting to be cut

TOKEN CHEESE SHOT! Prior being added to the salad

Dipping the quails into the master stock

Candied pecans anyone?

Fiona and I volunteered to choose ingredients from the cold room to be used to create a dish 

Ingredients we chose (including haloumi, of course!)

Some of the ingredients in a stock

Head Chef Eric Tan

Capsicum and haloumi chilling with their good friends olive oil and basil

Duck breasts being pan fried

Making friends with salad

Grilled haloumi

Busy kitchen!

Final dish no.1: Poached Chicken with Grilled Capsicum & Haloumi

Final dish no.2: Roasted Half Chicken with Sourdough Stuffing
Final dish no.3: Crispy Master Stock Quail
Final dish no.4: Confit Duck & Pan fried Duck Breast Salad with blue cheese & candied pecans

25 Bligh st, Sydney 
1300 246 748
12pm-late Monday – Friday; 6pm onwards on Saturday