In May, I attended the MCA zine fair, where I fell in love with Anna’s zine 20 Meals in NY. Anna has been so lovely and has kept me up to date with her meals/illustrations, so drumroll please – meals from ‘The River Cafe Cookbook’ by Rose Gray.
1. Malfatti of Swiss chard
2. Winter leaf salad
3. Potato, fresh pecorino and rosemary pizza
4. Hazelnut praline ice cream
Malfatti of Swiss chard!
I really enjoy Anna’s illustrations because they feel fun and I can always imagine the food as symbols of the memories that went with the meals. With each one I can imagine the lighting of the restaurant, or the loud honking of the street in the background, the music in the shop and the person opposite me with a glass of wine and an expression that has just broken into a hurricane of laugher. You know, the joys of sharing food with those you love.
ps – I feel this would be a good dinner party song: Jesse Cook’s version of Crowded House’s Fall at Your Feet. As would Erik Mongrain’s AirTap!