Saga Sig

Once upon a time, a photographer moved form Iceland to London, where she began studying photography at the London College of Fashion. However, her talent could not be kept a secret for very long and now at the age of only 23, she has photographed for Dazed & Confused, Vogue Korea and many many others. Her photographs demonstrate her vast skill which ranges across many different styles, making them nothing short of compelling inspiration. Please put your hands together for, Saga Sig.

You started photographing at the age of 8 when you father gave you your first camera, would you say it was love at first sight – did you always desire to become a photographer?

No I didn’t desire to become a photographer, I wanted to become an astronomer! The reason I started taking photos was that I lived in beautiful places, very magical places in Iceland and I felt the urge to capture the beauty of the moment forever. It wasn’t until I was 18 years old I decided to become a photographer and study photography

Do you have a muse or a favourite artist – where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from different places, art, my family is my inspiration, books I read, movies I see, people I meet, sounds I hear, or little moments of life

If you could own 1000 pounds of anything, what would you want it be? (eg 1000 pounds of chocolate, 1000 pounds of miu miu shoes, or 1000 pounds of gold)

1000 pounds of films

What is your favourite style of photography and do you have a favourite camera?

Ahh I don’t think any particular style of photography is what I like, it’s rather a photograph that speaks to me in some way, can be very blurry and abstact or very clean and sharp, if its speaks to me and I like the aesthetic and the concept it inspires me

You’ve shot for Dazed and Confused UK, Vogue Korea and KronKronKron – is there any publication or product that you hope to shoot in the future?

I want to keep on taking photos for amazing magazines from Dazed, to Numero, Lula, Purple or Vogue… and many others I loved to shoot for. Hopefully do some advertisement campaigns fro my favorite fashion labels as well

Your career as an editorial photographer has definitely begun, however you are still studying – did you anticipate for your career to launch so quickly? How did you start shooting editorials?

No I’m still amazed how well things have been going, but I work very very hard! My fashion shoots started back in Iceland shooting with my best friends playing around in Iceland, we styled it ourselves, thats how it all started. It started for real when I moved to london and learnt more about shooting editorials
How has your move from Iceland to London affected your creative processes?

It has indeed affaceted me! I’m very glad I moved to London, it gave me new view on the world. London is very different from Iceland, I think my stay in London has given my work more of an edge and affected my work in a new “rawer” way

How important has your blog, the Never Ending Storybeen in establishing your career?

Wow, it has been very important to be honest, people contact me a lot about my blog and it has given me amazing work opportunities

If you could only eat at one cafe/restaurant
/bakery/food cooked by only one person, for the rest of your life – which one/whom would it be?

My mom is the best cook in the world and my boyfriend and my dad…. ahh thats three people

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Never envy anyone. I think a lot of people are too stuck on envying and being jealous instead of embracing and celebrating the success of others. To be able to give other people compliment is a good thing, jealousy destroys.

Where did the title of your blog, ‘The Never Ending story’ originate?

Both I love the movie and also it’s kind of funny, my name Saga means ‘story’, so well.. its the never ending Saga.. hopefully never ending!

If you could go backwards in time and give advice to your child self, what would you tell the younger-you?

To be fearless.

You recently collaborated with the designer/illustrator Hildur Yeoman for the exhibition ‘Garden of Enchantment’ and produced this video – do you plan on doing more artistic work, as opposed to fashion editorial work, in the future? 

Definitely, I’m already planning on feature works, stay tuned!

Do you have a favourite photo you’ve taken?

Not really to be honest. My new work is always my favorite for two days, then I want to move on and do something new. I love the photos I took when I was little, they are of my family and have a sentimental meaning to me.

You have a very interesting style, yourself – are you influecned by any icons?

Thank you! I don’t have one icon, I rather get inspired by diffrent styles of nicely dressed women like Catherine Baba, Iris Apflel, Chloe Sevigny and then people around me like my mother. I dress very much like I feel, sometimes I feel like all girly and romantic with pink lipstick and next day I’m wearing Dr Martens and all black and with black lipstick.

What’s next?

Taking photos and videos, stay tuned on my blog 


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