January Favourites

Aesop Marrakech Intense Eau De Toilette // I smelt my friend wearing this woody, earthy, incense-like smell and knew I had to have it! I’ve passed the phase where I’m interested in sweet, floral scents and find myself more drawn to earthier notes. Fragrances are pretty expensive so I knew I had to find the right one before I invested in such a luxury. I’m never without this scent now and am happy to report that it lasts throughout the day, leaving a slightly sweet, musky smell lingering on your skin.

Hair clips // I’ve been growing out my fringe and it’s finally at the length that I can clip it back! For a while, it was at a really awkward Severus-Snap length that drooped around my eyes and forehead like I was in a boyband. A friend suggested getting on the barrettes trend and showed me some popular instagram accounts. I couldn’t afford them on my student budget but I found these ones on eBay and think they’re equally as adorable!

Face oil as make up remover // I’ve grown to love face oils recently! In January, I started using this Sekkisei cleansing oil by Kose that I picked up in Tokyo. At first, the thought of applying oil straight to my face and rubbing it all over seemed rather affronting, but now I know it’s the most efficient way to remove make up. The oil melts everything (especially waterproof mascara) and saves the need to use cotton rounds. I’ll rub the oil all over my face – making a big mess – then hop straight into the shower.

Face oil as moisturiser // 1-2 pumps of Jojoba oil added into my evening moisturiser really saved my face this Winter. It would sink into my skin without feeling too tacky. It still leaves a shiny petina but once you wash your face in the morning, everything comes off and your skin is left feeling soft and supple. This is a permanent in my skincare routine now.