Dinner at Templo (Hobart, Tasmania)

We went to dinner at Templo on a cold, Tassie evening. The restaurant sits on its own, up a hill and a couple of streets away from the North Hobart restaurant strip. Its outfit is small and cosy, seating only 20 people. Bottles of wine line the walls in one corner, and a big blackboard of the daily menu and drink options scales the other. We sat at the communal round table – elbow to elbow with our neighbours – and peered through the skinny, rectangular window into the kitchen, anticipating our epicurean indulgence to come.


$65 for the chef’s menu (which includes every single dish on the menu) was bizarrely reasonable; I’m sure everyone in the entire restaurant ordered this option.


98 Patrick St

We started with sourdough bread and oil – perfectly salty and spring.

Gnocco fritto (Italian bread pillows) paired with prosciutto – my first time trying a dish like this. The bread was quite plain but paired well with the saltiness of the cured meat.

Ox tongue (super soft) and green garlic. This was a really beautiful dish and was full of flavour.


Orange wine (my go-to) + negroni (Laura’s go-to)


Pasta and taleggio – take note of the zig-zag edges and folds. So beautiful!

Leeks and buttermilk (paired with hazelnuts) Did you ever see leeks this small!?


The evening’s menu


Swede and burrata (wish there had been more burrata curds; they’re hidden at the bottom of the dish).

Gnocchetti with anchovies and chilli. Bitey, zesty, salty and a little bit crunchy. No boring gnocchi here!


Templo at night


Crunchy on the outside, soft on the insider – porchetta with capers (and a salad on the side). I was getting pretty full by this point!

The finale – panacotta with zingy cumquats (a really tart contrast to the smooth base).