Lunch at the Agrarian Kitchen Eatery (Tasmania)

On our recent trip to Tasmania, we decided to have lunch at the Agrarian Kitchen Eatery. We were headed from Hobart to Mount Field National Park for a hike and this spot looked like it had decent reviews and was somewhat along the way. Little did we know that we were actually approaching a much-celebrated Tasmanian institution. And so, unassumingly, we turned up at this two hatted restaurant in our active wear and joggers.


The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery (not to be confused with its associated cooking school) is located in New Norfolk, about a 30 minute drive from Hobart (40 minutes if you are too scared to speed in your rental car like me). The restaurant is in a refurbished building in the Willow Court Asylum – the former mental hospital for convicts. The ceilings are high and the space is light-filled. Even if it were completely full, I imagine it would still feel light and breezy. There are no other activities around the restaurant; the biggest distraction you might get is watching a gardener pulling out weeds through the window or other people oohing and ahhing over their food.


The Agrarian Kitchen is dedicated to local, seasonal produce (demonstrated aptly when we were given a bowl of complimentary radishes, picked straight from the garden). The restaurant only came into existence in June last year, however it was predated by the Agrarian Kitchen School & Farm which was started in 2008. Overall, the food offers a creative mix of flavours and ideas, expertly matched. I mean, they literally wrote a book about it.


For such a delicious spread with adequate portions, the price of the dishes was very reasonable. By Sydney standards, they were excellent. The stand-out dish for us was the ‘salad of poached calamari with coriander, wild garlic and guanciale’ which was $21 which I’d happily pay again.


11a The Avenue
New Norfolk

The entrance to Willow Court

Entrance to the Agrarian Kitchen Eatery & Store

Table setting

Complimentary house-made sourdough and butter ($2 for extra bread) and apricot cordial

Look at that seeded crust!

The inside of the restaurant; look at those high ceilings and windows

Pickled heaven

House made lomo (beef tenderloin) – 50g for $18

House made lomo (beef tenderloin) – 50g for $18

A salad of poached calamari with coriander, wild garlic & guanciale. I usually detest coriander but could eat this dish again and again – $21

Complimentary beets and whipped herb butter (we were given these because one of our other dishes was taking a while – not that we noticed!)

Wood fired Derwent Valley Lamb chop with broad bean tips & mint – $37

The outside of the Agrarian Kitchen Eatery

Sourdough bread of my dreams

Inside the restaurant