Feb/Mar Favourites & Little Life Updates

And just like that – it’s been six months since I last updated this beloved blog. And that just simply will not do!

Despite always receiving oodles of support from my first-name-basis friends, this creative project has not received much readership/traffic in a little while. But I’m back; ready to inject some electricity into this little hub, my creative outlet.

It may surprise you to hear this but I actually think about The Monday Issue a lot. I continuously discuss ideas and projects – I even spent a recent plane ride drafting articles; semi-decent ones, too! I often get stuck, however, on not getting things quite right. Or building them up too big before they even germinate.

So my new outlook is going to be to keep it candid. COOL, CALM & CASUALIf you know my over-enthusiasm/mountainous optimism personally, you’ll know that this doesn’t come so naturally to me. 

I hope to post on here more – a lot more. And I’m going to try and make it as simple as possible – no fancy photo shoots (but just you wait!); no long essays (we’ll see about this post, though); and no more laboured article drafts on planes that never see the light of day.

So, let’s start with a little life update…

In December, I flew the coop! There are a lot of stories and life lessons I could share about moving out of home for the first time/moving house in general. But there are already so many existing Pinterest boards for that, so I’ll just say these anecdotes:

  • Things are expensive. $1k TV, $1k mattress, $1k bond, and $250 on data because you don’t have internet set up for a month. FORGET THE LINEN BEDSHEETS. Just forget it.
  • There is an un-fun time to go to IKEA. It’s 8.45pm. No one at IKEA at that time is happy about being there.
  • I’ve got the dishwasher I’ve been pining for since May/June last year. I am very happy about this.

After living in the same neighbourhood for 25 years, it’s been #refreshing to discover a new area in Sydney. I now call Alexandria/Redfern (Sydney) home AKA food delivery central AKA I now have a train line, hallelloo! If you follow the main road in one direction, you’ll find quiet, suburban streets. If you go in the other direction, you’ll be in the heart of the city. I used to live in a very quiet street where – if you didn’t leave the house – it would be easy to forget about human existence. Now, I’m on a main road with cars going past all day and night. I love it!

In addition to being food delivery central, Redfern is saturated with neighbourly, creative, muchos delicious eateries. There’s Carriageworks Farmer’s Markets for Saturday morning dog watching; Bearded Tit for late night art performances; GDR for hidden-bar covert drinks; La Coppola for fancy pizza; and Domino’s for lazy pizza.

Of course, though, I will make an honourable mention of Bart Jr. It’s always busy, it’s always tasty. This bar feels more like a neighbourhood family home with tasty, uncomplicated food. A few highlights include:

What a great segue way to now discuss…

Last year I found out/re-confirmed that I have a fatty liver. Whilst it would be much more exciting to say that this was a result of my many fabulous nights out on the town, it’s actually from diet/insulin.

It’s a loooong and winding story which involves multiple doctor appointments, many hospital visits, 1 x 24hr urine test (exactly what it sounds like, ugh), being blinded for a few hours, and – in the end – a live biopsy (big needle inserted into internal organ).

Around December, I was advised that I had to lose approximately 15 kilos and that I had the metabolic age of a 40 year old. This was really great news, as it was Christmas time and I was just starting to really enjoy eating at Bart Jr. *Cue: dietician appointments and a lot of re-learning how I think about food *

This is a separate post/dialogue but know now that my conversation topics have expanded to include:

  • chronic illness(sounds dramatic but that’s what my medical referral says)
  • the frustrations of the medical system
  • blood tests
  • intermittent fasting/ketosis

Isn’t it all very exciting?!


About a year ago, I went with my friend Michelle to a class at BodyMindLife. The class was too hard for me and it was much too yogi for me – statues and incense; parking dots on the floor for your mat; lots of humming om. I kept my distance. But come January, another friend of mine insisted on trying it again. This time, I took the beginners class and now it’s been two months of incense and om and I’m totally never doing a headstand but I can touch my toes 😉

I’ve given a lot of sport/exercise a go over the years: kickboxing, squad swimming, golfing, zumba, aforementioned tennis. But an aspect of yoga that I enjoy – which none of the others have involved in my experience – is not having the pressure of being that good at it. If my tae kwon do teacher had said “if you’re not feeling it just take a break in downward dog and join in when you can,” I probably would have kept going.

Some other favourites whilst I’ve been MIA…

As I mentioned, I am practically 40 on the inside so I am doing everything I can from the outside to retain a simulacrum of youth. Recently, I have become a habitual sheet masker. I’m still trying my way through anything I can get my hand on (there are a lot of varieties). Some leave your skin feeling just nice and plump, whereas others have some serious 11 herbs and spices ingredients and control oil levels. Watch this space!

I celebrated the start of the new (dog) year in my second home, Singapore. Six days were jam-packed with feasting, catching up with family, playing mahjong, playing more mahjong and spreading good vibes for the year to come. I get so excited about the various traditions around CNY – the giving of oranges, the tossing of the lo hei salad (the higher you toss, the better your luck!), receiving red packets, and eating lots of festive snacks. Highlights below + see vlog here.

Paris Is Burning realness – this one-night-only program was put on as part of the Mardi Gras festival and was a party and education all in one. A huge catwalk ran through the middle of Carriageworks and was host to an array of some of the fiercest performances  I’ve ever seen; I lost count of the *deathdrops.* Categories included hands, face, school girl with a twist… This was the first ball to be hosted in Australia and I fiercely hope that it will not be the last. It was wonderful to see beauty of all genders, skin-colours, sizes and aesthetics celebrated in such a huge way. 10s across the board.

Congrats! You made it to the end of my post. If you don’t feel like waiting another six months for an update (just kidding!), you can follow me on instagram.