Feeling Alive at 25! Part 2

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I have an enthusiastic but unskilled green thumb. I’ve invested in seeds, pots, and various plants but none seem to thrive under my care. My office plant, Steve, currently has mildew from over watering loving.

I am half Singaporean and a descendent of the bee hoon king Lim Ah Pin (1890-1943), who was well known for manufacturing vermicelli noodles in Singapore (perhaps explaining my love of noodles). My family is Peranakan, which means that a super long time ago, Chinese immigrants married local people along the Straits of Melaka, creating a new hybrid culture and class – these are my ancestors.

I am also third(? Gotta check my family tree) generation Australian. My paternal family migrated from China to Chillagoe (Queensland) during the Gold Rush.

I’m a hobby cheese-maker. To date, I’ve made farmer’s cheese, ricotta, haloumi, mozzarella and burrata. I’m too scared to make aged cheese because I’ve researched the bacteria requirements and feel that I will inevitably food poison myself and my loved ones.

My favourite colour is avocado green. Pantone 10326 C, to be exact. I’ll add this colour to pretty much whatever I can, including every Excel spreadsheet I’ve ever made.

I dye my own hair. A couple of years ago, I was looking into a black-grey-white ombre, which I was quoted $350. For comparison, I pay $5 to get my fringe trimmed at the local Thai hair salon up the road from my house, so this seemed beyond my budget (I mean, how was I meant to afford my sushi addiction!?). So I researched bleach, developers, and toners myself and after some experiments, ended up with my current dip-dye. I’ve been touching it up myself ever since.

I work in a museum. It’s Australian. (You can probably put the two together…)

I had a short-lived but dedicated love of K-Pop – I’m talking Brown Eyed Girls, SHINee and TVXQ(#Hallyu #KoreanWave). My peak fandom moment was when, upon my finding out that a group of K-Pop stars had arrived in Sydney and were holding a press conference at a hotel, I dressed up in the most fashun outfit I could muster and (with my equally dressed-up friend) systematically went to each hotel concierge in Sydney requesting “we’re here for the K-pop press conference. Are we at the right hotel?” We didn’t find them… But for those wondering, we later learnt that it was the Swissotel.

On the K-Pop note, even though I haven’t kept up with the flawless-aesthetics, blockbuster video-clips and problematic representation of the K-Pop industry for years, my go-to confidence boosting song is most definitely 2NE1’s ‘I AM THE BEST.’ In the six years of this song’s existence, it has been the wind beneath my wings for job interviews, City2Surf running, and depressing journeys home after a bad day. I highly recommend.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written a birthday blog post. In 2010, I wrote on the importance of receiving a DSLR camera for for 16th birthday and writing about how excited I was for what the future had in store. It’s not the best writing but it reminds me of  a simpler, wide-eyed, optimistic time.

I am a fan of the Oxford Comma, correct apostrophe usage, and capital letters in their rightful places.

I studied Art Theory at university and wrote my honours thesis on the experimental Chinese artist Wang Jianwei. Despite writing 18,000 words on his work, I’m yet to ever see one of Wang’s artworks in the flesh.

I love buffets. In fact, I celebrated my 25th birthday by gorging on seafood at one.