The Reading List 2.0


Current Reading Habits 

I’ll admit it: until recently, I hadn’t finished a book in months. Chapters here and there; a smattering of online articles; a handful of academic journal articles that I never finished; and way too many mediocre BuzzFeed articles. Never has there been so many media outlets vying for my eye-contact.

Every day, I feel that I am behind on the news; every day there are snaps and shares and likes and comments that will never be realised. This is to the point that my patience to read longer-form texts (ie. anything over 500 words) has been significantly stunted and my attention span is forever channel-hopping. My eyes come to focus in the morning on my Instagram feed and I often fall asleep mid-podcast. I have become so accustomed to the instant-gratification and pre-digested nature of so much of my digital food, that my hunger for bigger, meatier information has fallen by the wayside.

The Reading List 2.0

And so, this year, I am resolving to actively put time aside to read more. To make time in my calendar, to carry a book with me on the bus, to take out my headphones and read. It is not the first time that I have made this resolution. In 2011 (*&#@, time is passing quickly), I noticed that my passion for book acquisitions had overtaken the time I spent actually reading. And so I resolved to remind myself of ‘the ideas, worlds, complexities and joys [that books] hold’ by aiming to read one book a week (hahaha what a joke).

For version 2.0 of this resolution, I am challenging myself to explore genres beyond my comfort zone of art theory & history/art non-fiction/cooking books/New Yorker magazines/existential philosophy/Charlie & Lola books. The (quiet) goal is 30 books by the end of 2016 (just over one per fortnight).

If you have any suggestions to add to my list, please send them my way! I would like to read more poetry, crime, classics, travel writing, science fiction… everyyythannnggg.