Early Morning at the Sydney Flower Markets

A few months ago, I set my alarm to a crazy 3:45am. Waking up, getting dressed and getting into the car whilst the world was still a slumber felt surreal. But it was all worth it! The Sydney Flower Markets (Flemington) are visited each morning by florists, bridal parties and floral enthusiasts. There is a lot of hustle and bustle as people make their picks from buckets, walls and boxes full of flowers. Natives, orchids, leaves, roses, rainbow blooms and luscious white bulbs all make for a rather beautifully aesthetic smorgasbord. Another appeal of the markets is the promise of creativity – surrounded by so many beautiful raw materials, the difficult choice is envisioning how you will combine, arrange and style the floral options. If you can wake up early enough, I highly suggest a visit! Especially if you enjoy your flowers, the wholesale prices are a good incentive!

TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets3 4:06 am! Good morning! 

TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets4 We arrived at 4:45 am – just in time for the 5 o’clock opening

TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets7Let’s go! People arriving at the markets

TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets5Sneak preview! Boxes of fresh flowers waiting to be sold

TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets8Early birds ready to catch the pretty flowers

TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets9Oh my gosh guys guys guys guys – it’s huge inside!

TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets16Fields of (floral) gold

TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets23So many beautiful orchids!

TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets28Suhh puurtttyyy

TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets21 TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets22Boxes of petals for sale | Early morning shopping

TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets17Bird of Paradise


TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets26 TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets25Lilies about to bloom



TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets18 TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets19All the leaves you could imagine| Waratahs


TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets30A detail from my bouquet of native Australian flowers

TheMondayIssue-SydneyFlowerMarkets29An arrangement featuring my favourite flowers, ranunculus