Review: Brunch at Orto Trading Co.

Orto translates to ‘vegetable garden’ in Italian. But in my books, it translates to om nom nom nom nom.

themondayissue-ortotradingco-9Ambience: Orto is bright and spacious, cool and friendly. An exposed brick feature wall, fresh flowers on each table, and large glass walls/doors mingle the outdoor and indoor seating together as one clean, crisp oasis with green-thumb accents in the urban Sydney city (it is just a 10 minute walk from Central Station).

Food: Read the following carefully: carrot cake hotcakes with toffee pecans, gingerbread, carrot curd and marscpone draped with colourful ribbons of orange and purple carrots.Smell that gingerbread as you slice into the soft, bouncy hotcakes and lather them up with marscapone. Don’t forget a toffee pecan. Eat. Bliss. Repeat. Hash with birkshire ham, tomato, avocado, rocket, lemon, asparagus, and poached egg was a solid brunch standard. The crispiness of the hash was the highlight of this dish. Pair with your beverage of choice and you have a recipe for satisfaction.

themondayissue-ortotradingco-5Suggestion: Order the carrot hotcakes. Just. Do. It.

Overall: I’m keen to try more of the unusual items on the menu. I’ve already chosen my order for next time: Bubble & Squeak;  a Scotch Egg; and a green apple, cucumber, lime, & mint juice. See you there?



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