Review: Dinner at Miss Peaches Soul Food Kitchen

So this is Southern food! A one way ticket to Mississippi please!

Ambience: Miss Peaches – consisting of booths, tall tables with stools, a themondayissue-misspeaches-7bar, a balcony, a DJ space, and a dance floor – is groovy and comforting. The large restaurant space is made cosy with warm, dim lighting; the swing music making you feel like you’ve just walked in on a jiving party.

Food: I really enjoyed trying some unfamiliar foods! I tried shrimp on a burger for the first time (a Bubba Gump sign on the restaurant wall maybe influenced my need to try this out) and I was surprisingly delighted by the spicy flavour! Thinly cut fries with ranch came in a generously sized box and are high on the moreish-meter. Candied yams, a dish that I hadn’t known existed, were sweet and delicious! Spread on the crunchy bread that they come with, candied yams are an ultimate sweet-savoury comfort food. Collard greens were tasty, but not a stand out for me – I’d rather take themondayissue-misspeaches-1the candied yams any day. I was quite fond of the Mac ‘n’ Cheese, the gruyere adding a stronger edge to an otherwise mild, but comforting, flavour. As a seafood lover, my favourite dish was the Bug Pies. What’s crunchy on the outside, and creamy and seafood-y on the inside? Moreton Bay Bug tails and creamed corn encased in puff pastry! *drool* Miss Peaches also boasts a diverse bar menu. On the non-alcoholic front, I was quite impressed by the fresh watermelon fizz, the sweet iced tea, and the super-ginger infused ginger-beer (that last one is not for the faint hearted!).

Suggestion: Order a variety of smaller dishes so you can try out lots of menu items! I’ve been to Miss Peaches thrice now and am slowly making my way through the menu – Okra Jambalaya will be next!

Overall: “Could you please pass me a napkin? I’ve spilled sauce down my arm whilst attacking this Po’ Boy!”