Review: Lunch at 4Fourteen

With dishes featuring the likes of marrow, pigs tails, and tripe, the nose-to-tail philosophy of 4Fourteen makes for an intriguing mealtime.

Ambience: 4Fourteen is light and bright at lunchtime. The wall-sized window and tall ceiling give the restaurant an airy, spacious feel, whilst the exposed brick feature wall and a few select rustic furnishings make for an overall balance of polished nonchalance.

Food: Eager to try something out of the ordinary, we were not disappointed by the nose-to-tail dishes that 4Fourteen had to offer. Many of the dishes lend themselves to be shared, so we got to try lots of different items! CJ’s chips and dips, featuring chard and crackling, were a delicious starter – the crackling was light and the lemon added a tasty contrast of flavours. Glazed lamb ribs with pickled cabbage was my favourite dish – incredibly soft lamb ribs in a sweet glaze were paired perfectly with the tangy pickled cabbage – divine! I was excited to try Crumbed Pig’s Tails, an animal part that I had not tried before. Overall, the dish was quite tasty, however anything crumbed and fried can potentially taste delicious (as that certain episode of This American Life discovered), so this dish didn’t particularly stand out for me. Roast bone marrow on fried flat bread with spicy mayo was indulgence that melted in your mouth, whilst the Tripe ‘Hot Pot’ contrastingly required a bit more chewing for the stomach lining to reach yours. The Pork Belly had been taken of the bone and formed into a round, and arrived on a colourful plate accompanied by brussel sprouts and prosciutto. Smoked beef brisket with roast potatoes and onion rings was tender and full of flavour. I particularly liked the light, crispy onion rings – a fancy take on a fast food favourite. Finally, the Charred Salt Crust Sweet Potatoes were the only dish that didn’t make me want to lick the plate. True to their name, the potatoes had a strong salty flavour, however this was perhaps a little too much so.

Suggestion: I would definitely recommend choosing a variety of smaller dishes, rather than a couple larger ones. With so many unique meat cuts and flavour combinations, you will want to try them all!

Overall: Go with an empty stomach and an open mind, and you shan’t be disappointed.