Beauty Talk #1: Skin Care Routine & Paula’s Choice

TheMondayIssue-PeekABooI have been a late bloomer in the field of beauty. Only in the past year or so have I begun using gel eyeliner, learnt the marvels of face powder, and become addicted to YouTube beauty tutorials/hauls/reviews. This is predominantly due to the fact that up until the past few years, my skin had been so sensitive and problematic that I had issues with using sunscreen (which made me break out terribly, but is a skincare essential), let alone makeup.

I have tried many products in the past, including prescription treatments. However, the best treatments have come about over the past few years by getting to know my skin better. As I’ve begun to explore and learn a bit more about skincare, and thus ventured out into the magical wide world of beauty at large, I hope to share some of my experiences in this new blog category ‘Beauty Talk.’ I am the first to admit that I am a total rookie. But I hope to share some useful experiences here and look forward to any suggestions, tips, or harangues about not washing my makeup brushes!

 SKIN CARE ROUTINE TheMondayIssue-Paula'sChoice-1

Up until recently, Lush’s face cleansers and moisturisers (read my reviews here) had been staple products for gentle and refreshing face routines. However, I was recently introduced to Paula’s Choice by Sofie and Holly. And wow! After trying some sample sizes for a week, I invested in a huge haul and haven’t looked back since. My skincare routine now includes five-steps, performed in the morning and at night. Originally, I thought this was a bit elaborate, but my skin has been steadily improving and so now I look forward to these daily rituals. TheMondayIssue-Paula'sChoice-6

Step One: Cleanser (Clear Pore Normalizing Cleanser)

Out of all skincare items, I have probably been through more face washes than I have any other product. Foam cleansers, beads, and scrubs – I’ve given them all a go. From first impressions, this cleanser from the Paula’s Choice Clear line does not look particularly impressive. Contrary to the aforementioned cleansers, this one barely foams, hasn’t any beads or scrubbing component, and feels so gentle that the experience is rather nondescript. That said, my skin has been – as the line predicts – clear. So whatever you are doing, dear cleanser, keep it up!


Step Two: Toner: Skin Recovery

Gentle and moisturising – this toner feels like I am stroking my face with with a silky milk. *sigh*


Step Three: Exfoliant: Clear Regular Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution with 2% Salicylic Acid

When I first decided to commit to following a full skincare routine, I was a little suspicious of having to apply two layers of liquid treatments. But, whereas my toner is calming and moisturising, my exfoliant is a real fighter and charges at problem areas (particularly clogged pores). (Note: since writing this article, I have switched to the extra strength version of this product. I use this a little more sparingly because it is a bit harsher, however find it is even better at keeping problem areas under control.)


Step four: Treatment: Clear Extra Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide

T-Zone saviour. When I first started using this treatment, I was under the impression that it would prevent me from having future breakouts. But it has also helped smaller, more stubborn imperfections slowly disappear over time. When I use a generous dab of this on particularly bad breakouts at night, I am quietly confident that they will be dried out by the morning.


Step five: Moisturiser: Moisture Boost During the day, I use Moisture Boost Daily Restoring Complex SPF 30.

By the time I get to this stage, I am thinking WHOAH I need to get some moisture in here. However, the past version of myself that experienced terrible break outs is cringing at the idea of applying sunscreen. A recipe for disaster for sure – dryness will be followed by oiliness, will be followed by breakouts, will be followed by scarring, will be followed by dark spots…? You can imagine my surprise when I began using this Moisture Boost product and I didn’t immediately feel like I was covered in oil. The cream has quite a thick consistency however absorbs very quickly into the skin. It leaves the skin feeling moisturised however there is no residue or stickiness. At night, I use Moisture Boost Hydrating Treatment Cream. This product is exactly as the name predicts:  it is hydrating and leaves the skin with a plump, moisturised feeling. No oiliness at all, and although it is a small bottle, a little goes a long way. LONG TERM ACHIEVEMENTS OF ROUTINE I have now been doing this routine for a couple months, and am quite comfortable with it. A few things I have noticed over time:

  • Pores-size is getting smaller. This was one of the first visible signs that made me realise that this routine not only maintained my skin but was repairing it.
  • Skin does not get as oily over the course of the day. I have been really impressed by this, particularly as my forehead under my fringe used to get quite oily at the end of a long day. I predict that I am saving quite a few dollars on dry shampoo.


  • Once I finish the skincare routine, comes the decision of whether to apply makeup over it! Stay tuned…
  • Some other Paula’s choice treatments I am currently trying out: Resist BHA 9 Treatment, and Resist Dark Spot Eraser 2% BHA. I’ll get back to you about these ones.
  • Paula’s Choice also just released Clear Ultra-Light Daily Mattifying Fluid SPF 30+. I’m keen.


  • Let me know about your skincare routine! I’m a rookie at this and would love to hear suggestions on things you have tried, and what works for your skin. Write any questions or comments below & if you ask a question, I’ll reply as best as I can.