Dinner at Ms G’s

The playful nature of Ms G’s is indicated by its name, a cheeky take on the notorious food enhancer MSG. With its urban street interior decor paired with a stunning view of the Sydney city, Ms G’s is four stories of tasty dishes that play on Asian cuisine standards, served up with groovy vibes.

Ambience: With its emphasis on communal dining, Ms G’s most definitely has a big buzz come Friday night. We arrived just after opening time at 6, when a handful of tables had already been filled. Within the blink of an eye, the restaurant became crammed full with couples and groups, all seeming very keen to unwind at the end of the week. The in-house DJ certainly added to the vibe!

Food: The menu at Ms G’s certainly does not shy away from punchy flavours. Although it could be described as Asian cuisine, classic flavours have been shuffled around to create some unique combinations on the menu. Spicy corn cobs with shreds of parmesan cheese reminded me of Mexican cuisine, whilst a mocktail (which came cutely packaged like a bubble tea) had Kaffir lime leaves which cut through the coconut water with an unexpectedly pungent flavour. Mini bánh mìs were so delicious that we ordered them twice – a nice fusion between a slider and a Vietnamese roll. Ex-Mother in law eggs were eggcellent: a crispy coating concealing soft, running yolks which were mixed with XO sauce and pickled ginger – I could happily eat a bowl of this on my own. Finally Stoner’s Delight for dessert was decadence defined – a smorgasbord of midnight snacks including peanut butter, candied bacon, banana fritter, mars bar slice, and donut ice-cream.

Suggestion: Whilst the busy crowd of Ms G’s does create a great atmosphere, you may want to consider going early to get a stand-alone table (ie. not a communal table). As Ms G’s dishes are predominantly designed to share, the restricted space can make this communal experience quite cramped and troublesome.

Overall: A fun place with seriously good food. A+