In Colour: Mark’s tattoos

Last July, my friend Mark had colour added to some of his tattoos, and let me tag along to see the process.

What was your first tattoo? Is there a story behind it? 
Well, my first tattoo was a gold fish. It was designed by my older brother and is located on my back. The reason why I got it was because my girlfriend at that time ( now my wife ) broke up with me. Also, there was a death in the family. So I kind of needed something to boost my spirits up.

What part of the tattoo experience do you enjoy?
Getting a tattoo is never a good experience. Before getting one, I personally get nervous. During the process, a tattoo hurts; it’s a constant stingy bitey feeling. After-care of a tattoo is high maintenance with creaming; no swimming; and it’s very itchy. So I guess the best part of a tattoo is once it’s healed.

Do you know what your next tattoo will be?
I have a few more tattoos that I would like to get. My next big project is a dove on my neck – hopefully in August.