Matcha Made in Heaven: A Thrift & Thread Collaboration

WORDS Lucinda Burtt | PHOTOGRAPHY Vanessa Low

A sponge sandwiched with strawberries and cream is one of afternoon’s delights. 

If you can’t beat a classic, add a twist. Matcha is poison green but fine in flavour

 and the powder pairs perfectly with vanilla.


You’ll need a square sponge, a quantity of creme patisserie, whipped chantilly cream,

a fistful of fresh strawberries and matcha powder. Follow your favourite vanilla sponge

cake recipe adding two heaped teaspoons of matcha with the castor sugar. Likewise

matcha-up the creme patisserie, adding two heaped teaspoons with the flour. Chantilly

your cream by adding a few drops of vanilla essence with a tablespoon of icing sugar

during whipping.


Cut your sponge square into two even rectangles and then split lengthwise. Sandwich

with alternating layers of whipped cream and creme patisserie. Any remaining creme

patisserie can be smothered over the top and sides of the cake. Slice washed strawb-

erries and layer over the top of the cake. Finish with a dusting of matcha.


Serve as a single slice or arrange into artful cubes with a bowl of steaming matcha on

the side.