A Very Lush Christmas

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Lush Christmas blogger event held in celebration of their Cruelty-free Christmas range and campaign. Of course, it was a splendid night that certainly tantalised all the sensations. We were treated to lessons on the art of wrapping presents with headscarfs (and also how to make them into flowers and bags!) and how to make Cupcake, a chocolate-y fresh face mask. It was an absolute treat to try out the products in the company of so many fellow Lush-fanatics!
There are only two more days until Christmas, so if you’re in need of some decadent, delightful gifts (or if you need some soothing remedies from the end-of-year stress) then I suggest you head to a Lush store! A lot of items reviewed below are Christmas specials, but they also have related year-round citizens. I hope you find some inspiration, and remember that any time of the year is a good time for giving, gifting, and treating yo self.
With a base of Rhassoul mud and with the smell of dark chocolate brownies, Cupcake is a rather irresistible face mask. Besides the smell of chocolate, this mask leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Overall, I’m still a sucker for the tight and bright feeling of Love Lettuce but Cupcake is a close second!
Well the name says it all – Fun is an adult version of play-doh, with cleanliness as its excuse. Golden Fun is scented the same as the soap Honey I Washed the Kids, so has a sweet, honey smell and leaves the skin with a dessert-like aroma. Fun can be used as a bubble-bath, a body wash, and a shampoo. It does the first two quite well, acting like a cooler version of its cousin, the soap-block. I don’t mind it as a shampoo, as it leaves hair squeaky clean, however I do find that I need to followup with a good conditioner.
Making Cupcake at the Lush blogger event. Once all the ingredients are added they are stirred together – just like making a chocolate cake!
Cupcake modelled by Emma of My Fair Lipstick

When Shoot for the Stars hits the water, it explodes with colours and swirls like a nebula. It also fills the water with glitter & the scent of Honey I Washed the Kids – an absolute treat for an extravagant bath!


Look Charlie, Candy Mountain! Candy Mountain bubble bar has the scent of Snow Fairy Shower Gel –  like fairy floss and vanilla. It has a pearly shimmer finish and is high on the bubble factor. For some it’s a sugar overload, but I adore it!

The Cola flavour of this lip scrub is totally delectable. Like all Lush lip scrubs, I wouldn’t mind grabbing a spoon and eating it all up! The Cola flavour is a nice alternative to my usual super-sweet Bubble GumLeaves lips feeling soft and fresh.

I am still undecided about Santa Baby, the first lip tint I have tried by Lush. I love the softness of the mixture, which is loaded with fair trade butters and carrot oil. It has a strong, bright red pigment which goes on the lips with full colour impact. That said, I am finding it a little messy and will perhaps try applying it with a lip brush. Overall, a fantastic colour with a lot of festive pop!


Snow Fairy is like Bubblegum Lip scrub‘s bigger sister. It has a sugary, vanillary smell and just a dash of glitter to leave your skin smelling and looking like a sugarplum fairy. When I travel, I like to take familiar beauty products and fragrances as a way of avoiding home-sickness, and this coming Summer will be the era of Snow Fairy!

I love the fruity fragrance of Ponche, which was inspired by a Mexican fruit punch. It has a subtle fragrance, and besides feeling quite moisturising, it leaves the skin smelling like winter spices.

An image from the Lush Blogger Event 


Inspired by its namesake Italian drink – although many people think it is more akin to Harry Potter’s butter beer – Bombardino is a decadent slow-fizzing bath bomb. Turning the water yellow, it is like slipping into a bath full of butter (which also reminds me of Butterball). Skin is left smelling sweet – a total dream.


Secret Santa is the ultimate Lush bath ballistic! Its scent is modelled on the Lush store – the combination of fragrances that give Lush that distinct smell that can entice you from a mile away. The ballistic itself is like a babushka doll of delights – floral scents, and sandalwood, and a bit of orange. A huge indulgence!

Anna holding a Secret Santa at the Lush Christmas event


This thick, buttery rich body lotion is incredibly moisturising, has the scent of the Sikkim Girls perfume, and leaves the skin feelings incredibly soft. More than Dream Cream, I like the thickness of Sikkim Girls and find it useful for particularly dry patches of skin.

A big thank you to Lush for inviting me to such a lovely event, for creating such divine and morally-conscious products, and for generously providing me with the above products.