Not one, but two nights in Bangkok! Early morning flight. LOTS of shopping – singlets for 20 ฿, bags for 150 ฿, shoes for 200 ฿ ahhhhh! Motorbikes, people, and trolleys all fighting for space in the market aisles. Shopping until we literally dropped in Black Canyon, recuperating over iced coffee. Street food eating – pineapple, quails eggs, chocolate and coconut crepes, banana pancakes! Kylie dressing up in our shoes. Thai Massages! *crack crack crack* Chrysanthemum tea and coconuts. Late nights shopping at the pasar malams. Or Tor Kor market filled with every fruit imaginable. Khob Khun Ka Thailand!
Not even two years old, Kylie is already a pro seasoned traveller!
Super sweet pineapples – delicious!
The pineapple store man carving super quickly
Buttons, anyone?
Fried quail eggs
Char siew wanton mee
One of my all-time favourite drinks, chrysanthemum tea
Stewed pork trotters (and other parts) – don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!
Oreo Cookies & Cream drink at Black Canyon Coffee

Iced coffee at Black Canyon

Kylie stealing my shoes!

Late night traffic

Foot massages

Fried banana pancakes with condensed milk

Mmmmm Mmmmmm

Good night Bangkok