A Very Lush Picnic

Miranda and I share a lot of things in common, however one particular common interest is a current obsession with Lush. Combing this enthusiasm with our other collaborative hobby of photo shoots, we present A Very Lush Picnic!
Lip scrubs (shown here as sugar cubes)
The lip scrubs are just delicious! I have to summon all my will power to stop myself grabbing a tea spoon and simply eating it all from the cute little tub! Let alone adding a scoop to my cup of tea…! So I definitely recommend both Mint Juleps and Bubblegum. However one cheeky tip I received from a Lush shop assistant was that Mint Juleps with its tingly minty qualities can stimulate blood flow to the lips, leaving them flushed and polished after usage. NB. I found this to be true! MF

Herbalism face wash After I finished my first pot of Angels On Bare Skin I decided to try the next notch up, Herbalism. I’ve always had problematic skin and thought a heavier hand could keep it better under control. Herbalism is noticeably stronger and good for the T-zone, however overall left my skin feeling a bit dry. For something a little stronger, I prefer the more exfoliating and refreshing vodka-filled Ocean SaltVL

I must admit that exfoliating my face daily with lavender feels absolutely lovely! The dried lavender that is scattered throughout the mixture of kaolin clay and ground almonds beats the micro-beads of the many face washes that haunted my adolescence. Angels leaves your face with a pleasantly fresh and moist feeling perfect for waking you up in the morning. Soft enough to be used daily, this is my absolute favourite face wash. VL

Jackie Oats colour supplement (c/o) Finally I foundation that is truly suited to pale skin! I have always struggled with big make up brands as even their lightest shades can appear dark on me. Jackie Oats is a gorgeous colour supplement and it really does ease redness as it promises. However I just wish it was less of a colour supplement and more of a foundation. If only it was thicker with better coverage! Also if just a little finer and smoother in consistency, I would never need another foundation again. In the meantime I am happy to use it as a base for my foundation and as nifty concealer. MF Dirty solid perfume 

I love Dirty! Minty, fresh and really wakes you up in the morning. I have since bought Imogen Rose and love love love that too! I rub these solid perfumes on my wrists and press it on my collar bone and neck for that little touch of perfume for the day. MF

Karma Bubble Bar (c/o) If only real Karma was so easy to attain! And smelt so darn good! If you want to try a Lush bath bomb and are overwhelmed by the masses of choice go with Karma, for an invigorating, sensual and slightly exotic bath. Also I love the bubbles, and refuse to accept they are just for kids and babies. I typically go for Lush products that especially promise bubbles. Just a thing I do. MF

After using Ro’s Argan I felt like one big cream puff! The concept of a conditioner for your skin was unknown to me before I used Ro’s, however after doing so I felt incredibly decadent and delightful and it is now one of my most frequented Lush products. It works just like hair conditioner, but for your skin – lather, rinse, and then feel the moisture! I have been enjoying it especially as the weather in Sydney is getting colder and skin is becoming dryer – it is a colonel in my “winter army” of beauty products.

Orange Blossom Solid Perfume Punchy and delightful, like a big bunch of flowers! Be careful not to overdo it as solid perfumes take about half an hour to release their full scent. VL Dark Yellow Colour Supplement (c/o) I have tried quite a few tinted moisturisers in the past and enjoyed the coverage they provided – for me it was a great compromise for skin that was very sensitive to foundation. My favourite thing about the Lush Colour Supplements is that you can add it to any moisturiser of your choice (I currently add it to Imperialis), making it a flexible base. I use Dark Yellow every morning as a cheat’s way to quick, light coverage! VL

Dream Cream (shown here as milk)(c/o)

I admit, the smell of Dream Cream doesn’t really appeal to me. As someone who loves soft but robust scents like rose, Dream Cream smells a little harsh. That said this is a beautiful cream and wow, does it moisturize. Thankfully I don’t have many skin complaints for which this cream is designed to treat, but I will continue to use this general body cream. Lovely stuff. Oats really are magical. MF

Emotional Brilliance

As soon as I walked into Lush, I was immediately drawn to their Emotional Brilliance range. Luch has really picked fun colours, some of which are particularly in fashion at the moment which I appreciated. The products I took home without a moment’s hesitation were two lip colours: “Ambition” a sexy orange-red that really pops, “Believe” a luscious bright pink and an eyeliner “Control” which is a dark metallic navy with a hint of sparkle. Regarding quality and vibrancy of colour, these win full marks. They look exactly the same on your lips as they do in the cute little bottle and I quite like the brush applicators. However as someone with quite sensitive lips that dry out super easily and can react terribly to the most innocuous looking chapstick I do find the waxy consistency of the lip colours can leave my lips dry and the skin uneven by the end of the day. If only they were more hydrating for those of us with sensitive lips! Also as much as I love these colours they are not particularly long lasting. So I often start the day with “Ambition” but after the first coffee or meal whip out the pawpaw cream for the rest of the day. MF

Honey I Washed The Kids soap (c/o) As promised, this soap smells as sweet as a pot of honey! With a honeycomb fragrance and producing a good amount of lather, this is an all-round pleasant soap to use. However, I personally prefer some of the more exfoliating options. VL
Turkish Delight “Body Smoothie” is my new favourite Lush product! I am a massive fan of anything involving roses and just love the Turkish dessert of the same name. So I am super excited that this product has really lived up to my expectations. It has such a unique consistency, almost like ice cream! Using it in the shower is almost like washing yourself in a Turkish Delight flavoured milkshake or sundae! It is creamy, buttery and the scent is just so feminine, delicious and soothing. I would recommend this as the lighter, fluffier, creamier and less oily cousin of Ro’s Argan Body conditioner. MF