Plane landing – our first view of Port Vila!

I miss swimming three times a day; getting mud on my shoes; seafood chowder at Tilly’s; swimming in the Mele Cascades; cocktails and lime juice; snorkelling with fish; adorable pikininis; loving the breakfast toaster; swimming in the pool; riding in the back of the ute; watching Sherlock; kayaking; abseiling; 20c avocados; did I mention swimming? A few of my favourite moments…

Adorable pikininis (kids)

1000VT (approx $10) cocktails at our hotel (the smaller glass on the right was excess which they generously also gave us!)

Sunset over the Fatumaru Bay and our pool (AKA the watering hole)

Feeding fish at Tara Beach – seeing fish in general was incredible! So many colours, patterns and shapes in such clear water!

Walking through the Summit rainforest before ziplining over it

Each day began like this (except if we went swimming first!) – I’ve never eaten so much passionfruit before! Yum!

A golden orb spider

Men watching each other play bacchi next to the markets in town

Fruit is so well priced and abundant! After kayaking, our guide Pascal gave us fruit from his gardens. He had these huge avocados which astounded me as, I explained, in Sydney we often pay $3 for a small one. He replied nonchalantly, “a bucket of these, I give to my employees pig.” He kindly gave us three.

Buggies! Bumpy! Muddy!

The Fire Show at the Beach Bar
Waiting for my film to be developed for more photos of islands and fishies!