Southside Tea Room

Whilst I was in Brisbane I had the pleasure of visiting Southside Tea Room! The quirky tea-room-by-day, bar-by-night is a little creative superhero with grandma charm and an arsenal of homemade cakes and cookies, milkshakes and a pinball machine to boot. Of course, we would expect no less of the New York inspired brainchild of Patience, John and Raven (Patience’s sister), the former two making up the energetic, dance-inspiring, indie-antheming band The Grates. That’s right, the band which brought us the joys of 19-20-20 and Turn Me On, now bring us the joys of food, music, and old skool indulgences such as board games and plaster painting. Check it out!
639 Wynnum Rd
QLD 4170