Beijing Diary Pt 1: First Looks

At Sydney International Airport
I just came home after a week in Beijing, China! The trip was filled with many new experiences – from squat toilets which required BYO toilet paper, to trying new foods (including dried cuttlefish and duck’s tongue, both of which were delicious). We climbed the Great Wall and dressed up as royalty at the Summer Palace; learnt how to properly hold a tea cup and drink it in three sips; and bargained with some very assertive store holders. It was a short but very busy trip! This is the diary of day one.
Our first glances of Beijing, on the tarmac (we arrived at 6 o’clock in the morning!)
The fanciest toll gate I’ve ever seen!
In the car, driving from the airport
On the road
At the Beijing Bona Jade Museum
Beijing Bona Jade Museum

Sweet potato! 

At the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall – it’s quite a steep incline!

Locks of Love on the Great Wall

Served with every meal: coke and watermelon

At the Dingling Underground Palace 

The Olympic Bird’s Nest Stadium

Hot pot for dinner – delicious!