Ode to Dancing Shoes and Dancing Songs IV

H&M wedges | 16th January 2010 – 9th March 2012

D.A.N.C.E. – Justice

When I saw these shoes at H&M on Hollywood Boulevard, I immediately knew that they were mine. They were colourful, bold and striped – I simply could not wait to wear them with some contrasting socks underneath. They also turned out to be very lightweight, and thus became one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned (so much so that I once wore them to the library). Along with my Le Freak pair, these shoes were my dependable go-to’s. They were with me the very first time I danced in a nightclub, and many a times after, always ensuring my comfort. But alas, despite ignoring the deterioration of the soles, when the zipper got stuck and split, leaving me with no choice but to literally cut the shoe off my foot (see severed straps), I had to face the fact that the shoes had hit retirement.