The OUTPOST Project

The OUTPOST Project is a collaboration between the curators of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, aMBUSH gallery and over 150 artists to transform Cockatoo Island into a display of global street art culture. Amidst the industrial remains of previous prison/shipyard/reformatory buildings and machinery are installations, pastemodernism, tshirts (a highly extensive collection), sculptures, paintings, graffiti art (spray cans and stencils) and even an opportunity for ‘cup rocking.’
Some very windy rides on the ferry to and from Cockatoo Island!
“KID ZOOM: HOME – A scale reproduction of the artist’s childhood home recreated from early adolescent memory and documentation of the destruction of three Holden Commodores.”
Works through the tunnel | ‘The Ecosystem of Moon Titan’ by Ghostpatrol
Gemma with Will Coles‘ artwork ‘Untitled (mermaid)’
Cup rocking | NEXT by T-World exhibition
NEXT by T-World exhibition
Abandoned building | ‘Bullion Bar (Bitten)’ by Paul Insect in the ‘Oi You!‘ Collection
Concrete sculptures by Will Coles | Marilyn Monroe-style portrait of Kate Moss by Banksy in the ‘Oi You!’ collection
 (featured image: NEXT by T-World exhibition – featuring over 1500 t-shirts curated by Eddie Zammit)