Sophie Koh

Sophie Koh is back! And after hearing Lo-Fi, the first single from Oh My Garden (Koh’s first album since 2008 to be released in February next year), we hope she never leaves us for this long again!
What inspires you? Food, people, love and clothes, and art.
Favourite artist? It changes all the time but at the moment it’s Bat for Lashes – she’s amazing. I listen to everything at the moment, I listen to classical music a lot… my radio in the car is always on talk-back or classical.
What has been your most exciting collaboration so far? Ben [Lee] was the most exciting so far… very inspirational. He taught me a lot about the business of music and [there’s a reason why he’s so famous].
If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Vietnamese pho – I love broth.
What influence did your collaboration on ‘She Will Have Her Way – Songs of Neil and Tim Finn’ have on your career?
I was actually a last minute call up for that one. They had two spots left… I think Missy Higgins took mine which was ‘Stuff and Nonsense’ [which] was my favourite Finn song and so I was like, let’s go for the rockiest, kind of weirdest song, which is ‘Charlie’… and that album has put my name [out there], people know it – it’s in their CD collections.
Why did you join a dance group [Koh’s dance group features in her videoclip Lo-Fi]?
Because I really love to dance but I don’t know how to… Not because I want to be on stage, but partly for my own self enjoyment. I love dancing shows, I watch them religiously… I just want to move.
Why did you choose Piedimonte‘s supermarket as a location to shoot Lo-Fi?
It’s just where I shop.
Who choreographed the dance moves for Lo-Fi?
My dance teacher who’s never done any choreography on a clip before, and we’ve never danced in a clip before.
If you could give everyone in the world something, what would it be?
A ukelele
Favourite key to compose in? A minor
Lo-Fi – Sophie Koh (warning: super addictive!)