Tom and Will, first in line for the iPhone 4S

Tom and Will are currently the first in line waiting outside for the release of the iPhone 4S, at the Apple store in Sydney city, which will be on sale from tomorrow (Friday, 14/10/2011) at 8am. They have been there since 10:30am, on Tuesday.
Why is it so important to be here?
Because it’s the next step in Apple iPhone products, so you know, I’m going get it
What did you think when you found out that Steve Jobs had passed away?
What other Apple products do you own? 
Laptops; phone; all the cases and adaptors – all that kind of stuff; iPad
What do you think Apple means to the world now? Why is it worth waiting out here, why are there so many people inside this store?
Because Apple technology is unique from any other brand. They think outside the box… new and unique ideas
What is the first thing you will do when you get your iPhone 4S?
I’ll set up Siri, and I’ll probably say “Siri, I love you”
What do you think is great about the iPhone 4S?
I just really want to get it, and I like Siri
What was your first Apple product?
What is your favourite Apple product?
What do you think Apple means for the world now, why is it so important?
Because Steve Jobs has changed the world, pretty much