Marty Webster

FILM Vanessa Low
MUSIC ‘Can I Borrow These Words’ by From Trees
FILMED AT Tastevin

Marty Webster is the head chef of the French restaurant and wine bar Tastevin (which recently placed second for People’s Choice in Time Out Sydney’s food awards). He is also a musician, performing under the name ‘From Trees,’ and next year will be off to France!

Favourite food? My favourite food is spaghetti bolognese, but it has to be made by someone’s mum. It can’t just be any sort of spaghetti Bolognese – it’s always better when it’s made by someone’s mum. And I love [that] it’s always different… sometimes there’s capsicum in it, mushrooms in it, that’s my favourite thing. Peas and spices, it changes with every mum and I love that. It’s really good.

What’s something you’re looking forward to? Next year I’ll being going to France for my first time

What inspires you? Everyday, music is one of my greatest influences and has been for a really long time. So often my life experiences and the past, or my present life experiences, or future life experiences is what influences my music, hugely. In cooking, again it’s what I feel… what mood I’m in is what I cook.

If you could wake up tomorrow in a another city, where would you want it to be and why?
Anywhere in France. Maybe Lyon, I’m really excited for this city, I hear the food there is amazing, the culture is amazing.

If you could bring one fictional character to life, who would it be and why?
Can I be creepy and say Tyler Durden [from Fight Club]… he would be a really animated character to meet

Can you explain the process of how you write a song from inspiration to the final recording.
I write basically what i feel at the moment. Lyrics in my songs change hugely throughout the creative process. I basically will start playing something that sounds good and that I enjoy… and whatever words come to me at the moment is what the general idea of the song will be. Then throughout I’ll adapt to have the lyrics make more sense or to have the lyrics rhyme better. And then finally, recording is where it becomes tricky because often you’re working with other people where they’re going to poke a couple of holes in something you’re really proud of. But that’s part of the process as well… the final thing is someone else’s imput on whether the song’s good or not.

If you were a serial killer, what would your trademark be? If I was a serial killer, or what is my trademark?… I’d be a calling card kind of a serial killer. Maybe I’d leave… a whisk by the side… It’d be something hilarious.

What’s your favourite chord? A C major chord… So many songs are based around the C chord

If you could tint the world one colour, what would it be? Probably blue. A really nice sky blue over everything.

From Trees Tastevin