Day 126: RAFW Day Five

The final day of such an exciting & exhausting week! Lots of waiting, fog machines, photo shooting, people, music that makes your seat thump and your ears ring, the media centre, extra gum, colour blocking, “what did you think?,” late late nights, lace & weaving, Alexander Wang diego bucket bags, scratch disk is full pop-ups (colour wheel of doom!).
Today: Raffles (Crystal Tsoi, Illuminati, Peggy Hartanto, Nosnim, The Prodigal Son and Zhigang); Saint Augustine Academy (cowboy boots, leather fringing, black and gold bohemian daisies, brimmed hats, crouched by the photographers’ pit); New Generation #1 (Arji Selvam, Christopher Dobosz, Mok Theorem, Paper Skye, Poppy Lissiman [my favourite, aquarium skirt!]).