How did you learn to make Baklava?
As a child I absolutely adored baklava, I loved the texture of it and the flavour of it. I’ve tried everyone’s baklava from everywhere and I’ve tried to make it as authentic as possible. And that’s how I learnt how to make baklava.
After a six year break, why did you decide to reopen?
Couldn’t stay away! Missed the people contact, missed the smell of cakes – loved it.
Do you have a favourite food?
I’ve got too many favourites! Where do you start? Anything that’s crunchy on the outside and soft and squishy on the inside. And I would always like to start with dessert first, go to the main later.
If you could give one thing to everyone in the world, from your store, what would you give them?
I’d say it’s the Baklava
What is the most popular food that people come here for?
The Galaktoboureko, which is the custard encased in filo pastry, then drizzled with a honey syrup once it’s baked – it’s absolutely beautiful.
What do you plan for the future?
More of the same I think, it’s in the family.
Greek Cakes by Eleni 
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