Jen Inglis (the Style Crusader)


Who inspires you?

There isn’t one specific person. Everything around me at every moment is inspiration in one form or another… the kind of person I want to be, the way I want to live, my mindset, the way I dress, the way I think – it is all constantly being shaped. I don’t ever want to be ‘set in my ways’. I want to evolve and I think that means being open to the inspiration that is all around.

All time favourite food?
 Is pizza and ice-cream way too cliche?
If the radio only played one musician or band, which one would you want it to be?

What made you start your blog, the Style Crusader, and what have you learnt from the experience?
The Style Crusader started as a sort of outlet for my critical thoughts on the way people dress. Too tight white trousers? Poorly fitting dresses? Socks and sandals? I’d anonymously snap them on the street and then post my critique. It wasn’t meant to be mean but I got tired of always looking for people’s faults. It’s not a great way to live. It’s easy to be funny and witty when you’re mean. It’s kind of a cheap shot. Since then my content has seriously shifted. My blog doesn’t have the same focus it did when I started off. You’ve got to be open to things changing naturally and not be afraid to admit when you want to shift your focus – that’s a major thing I’ve learnt from doing my blog.

How would you describe London’s style compared to that of the rest of the world?
London is wild. There is so much crammed in to such a small dense place. You can find everything in London. On the whole, I think it is a bit more down and dirty then a lot of other cities. It’s got a certain raw out-there quality. People aren’t afraid to wear what they want even if it goes against every convention.

If you were a type of cheese, which one would you be? 

What is the material possession you are craving right now?
 Top of my list: Acne sheepskin jacket and a Canon 550
If you were a serial killer, what would your trademark be?
I’d pencil a little fake mole somewhere on their body.
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