George (San Diego)

George let me play his ukele on the way to San Diego.

Favourite part of San Diego, why? La Hoya. It is pristine. It’s just beautiful, like nowhere else.

Favourite food: good old American steak and potatoes


Best concert you’ve ever been to: I’m a (Grateful) Deadhead. A few hundred dead shows. / Grateful Dead in Irvine.

Favourite musical instrument: the guitar

Favourite past time: playing the guitar

If you could give one thing for everyone in the world, it would be: the gift of music

Favourite colour/ why?: Red / Just, always has been

If you were earth, wind, fire or water, which one would you be? Water, I’m a Pisces

Who do you admire most? Obama for trying as best as he can in an impossible situation


Favourite invention: the automobile

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life: Scarlet Fire – the Grateful Dead

How did you come to like the Grateful Dead? First heard them when I was about 16 years old and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. Good music. It’s fun music.

If you lived anywhere in the world, but American: the Netherlands

The one thing someone would have to see if they went to San Diego: the Seals at La Hoya: