Lola Fitch

who are you? I’m an organism. Formatable on your computer screen. I look out from your tea cup. Your reflection in the window glass. A hologram in your reality.

inspirations: my eyes, they allow me to see colour; air (insert rant); chasing butterflies; Lady Gaga; Chinese magazines, they manage to cross cultures; audio recording devices; Rodgers & Hammerstein. 

serial killer trademark: it would have to be a show. There’s glitter; there’s 1920’s music on an ancient record player that scratches your mind; there’s pictures lying on the floor like ushers to the movie theater and then there’s an open chair…for you. The red curtains go up and the fireworks hit the roof.

favourite book: the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

favourite movie: Howl’s Moving Castle

favourite flavour of gum: cinnamon

best present you’ve ever been given: my angel Harajuku doll

if you were a plant: a triffid

if you got a tattoo, it would be: a looking glass…go figure

favourite singer: Kate Bush

true love: Danny Kaye