who are you? the girl your mother warned you about- the one with really bad jokes and an over excited imagination. But more commonly known as Nadia Yui Dubrovic, i like my middle name, its different.

your heart throbs for: Aaron Johnson, I know I sound hopelessly fan girl-like but the combination of an English accent and an actor playing a ridiculously good looking musician will always win me over. Also, Bob Dylan, I’m not sure why, but I find his arrogance and O.G (original gangster) Jew fro appealing.

your ultimate holiday destination: I would love to go to Europe, but not to where my family comes from because they would all know who I was and there would be too many expectations not to be a gypsy and i can’t promise that. Maybe one day if i meet an extremely handsome French man who drinks chai lattes and rides a bicycle he will take me there for an adventure.

the one thing you can’t live without when you go on holidays: It used to be an Ipod, but that got stolen a while back, so I’m going to say a really good book or a tonne of Vogue and RUSSH magazines to keep my mind off my tumultuous brother.

top three designers and why: 1. Alexander Wang: if I could wear any designer’s clothing for the rest of my life it would be Alexander Wang. His take on street style while being able to keep his designs elegant and clean, and i also have a big thing for neutral colours and to accommodate the little boyish in side in me. 2. Balmain: they always seem to bring something new to each of their collections, which has influenced designs and collections of many other designers from across the globe, I think that’s pretty special. Their extravagant style really captivates me. 3. Complex Geometries: I never seem to get bored with the collections from Complex Geometries; every time I look I see it from a particular angle or discover something that I didn’t see before. The layered designs along with the interesting silhouettes have me really captivated, and their men’s line is just as impressive and wearable as the female’s line.

where you want to be in 8 years: In my dream world I’d be living in a nice Victorian style terrace in Surry Hills with a cute little hedge out the front with my two best male friends (…I could never live with females, its just a thing) and having an exciting, non desk job with something to do with design/art and saving up to travel the world. But in reality I think it will be something like living in a small apartment close to the city with my two best male friends who are unemployed while I “work” as a struggling artist/designer and we will live off Mi Goreng and have too many parties.

Nadia’s blog: whitelines+redlights