Amber & Skylar

who are you?
Amber Whiley, Seventeen, from London. Originally from Sydney, Australia. I’m a teenager.

the last time you had a really big laugh:
My puggle (Beagle + Pug breed), ‘Miss Babs’ makes me laugh all the time. She pulls the funniest faces and just generally does the funniest things. My favourite thing she does is probably how she tilts her head when you give her attention, it’s a pug thing!

what inspires you?
A person who inspires me would be my mother, she works in fashion and gets to travel the world. She’s the perfect example of a strong, hardworking and confident woman. *

best concert/event you’ve been to:
I know it’s so cliché – but Beyonce. Based on the fact that she is an amazing singer/performer and a positive role model for girls/women.

serial killer trademark:
I’m too nice to be a serial killer, I would probably leave behind clues by accident and get caught.

top three designers:
Sass & Bide (Australian!); Elizabeth And James; Splendid (Super-soft basic t-shirts that I live in).

* Amber’s mother owns live fashion.